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    Lab-Grown Diamonds: FAQ

    • Can I consider lab-grown diamonds as real diamonds?

      Yes, lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds, making them real diamonds in every sense.

    • How valuable are lab-grown diamonds?

      The value of lab-grown diamonds is determined by factors such as their quality, size, cut, and certification. They offer excellent value for their exceptional beauty and sustainability.

    • Is it possible for lab diamonds to lose value?

      Like any other gemstone, the value of lab-grown diamonds can be subject to market fluctuations. However, their inherent beauty and sustainability contribute to their enduring appeal.

    • Should I get natural or lab-grown diamonds?

      Choosing natural and lab-grown diamonds depends on personal preferences, budget, and sustainability considerations. Both options offer exquisite beauty and brilliance.

    • What is the other name for lab diamonds?

      Lab-grown diamonds are also referred to as man-made diamonds, synthetic diamonds, or cultured diamonds.