The Ultimate Wedding Ring Guide 2023: Find Your Perfect Symbol Of Love

Unlock the secrets to finding the perfect wedding ring in our comprehensive guide for 2023. Explore a wide range of styles and make your love story truly shine.

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Your wedding ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a timeless symbol of love and commitment that represents the unbreakable bond between you and your partner. As you embark on finding the perfect wedding ring, it’s important to consider your personal style, preferences, and the latest trends.

In this comprehensive wedding ring guide for 2023, we’ll explore a range of styles and shapes that will help you discover the ideal ring to celebrate your love story.

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Shop By Style

When buying a wedding ring, you have the option to choose a specific style. Check out some unique and exquisite styles below:

  • Eternity Rings

  • Eternity rings have long been cherished for their eternal beauty and symbolism. These exquisite rings feature a continuous band of diamonds or gemstones, symbolizing everlasting love. Whether you opt for a full eternity ring with stones encircling the entire band or a half-eternity ring with stones adorning the front, the choice is yours. Eternity rings also make a perfect anniversary gift, reminding you of the enduring love you share.

  • Anniversary Rings

  • Commemorate your journey of love and celebrate milestone years of marriage with an anniversary ring. These special rings come in various styles and designs, including intricate diamond settings, personalized engravings, or even incorporating birthstones or gemstones that hold sentimental value. Each anniversary ring is a testament to the cherished moments and memories you’ve created together.

  • Bridal Set Rings

  • For a coordinated and seamless look, consider choosing a bridal set ring. This set typically includes an engagement ring and a matching wedding band that perfectly complement each other. Bridal sets offer a harmonious blend of elegance and style, ensuring your rings fit flawlessly. You can choose from various combinations, such as diamond and gemstone settings or matching metal bands, to find the set that best represents your unique love story.

  • Match Wedding Rings

  • If you and your partner prefer a unified look, matching wedding rings are an excellent choice. These rings are designed to complement each other, symbolizing your bond and commitment. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary styles, matching rings offer versatility and customization options. You can personalize them with engraved messages or shared motifs, creating a one-of-a-kind representation of your love.

Shop By Shape

Explore a variety of shapes before you finalize your wedding ring.

Gemstones Shape Variation

  • Round Wedding Rings

  • Round wedding rings are timeless and never go out of style. Their classic and elegant appearance makes them a popular choice among couples. With various settings, such as solitaire, pavé, or halo designs, round rings offer versatility and suit different hand shapes and sizes. Their brilliant sparkle is sure to catch everyone’s attention and symbolize the everlasting nature of your love.

  • Cushion Wedding Rings

  • Capture the vintage-inspired charm with cushion-shaped wedding rings. These rings feature a romantic and distinctive square shape with rounded corners. The unique facets of cushion-cut diamonds or gemstones create a mesmerizing sparkle that reflects your enduring love. Choose from delicate or intricate band designs to enhance the beauty of the cushion ring.

  • Asscher Wedding Rings

  • Asscher wedding rings are a perfect choice for those who appreciate a touch of vintage and Art Deco elegance. With their mesmerizing step-cut facets and square shape, Asscher rings exude a timeless beauty. Pair them with channel-set or baguette diamonds to add sophistication and create a truly breathtaking piece.

  • Emerald Wedding Rings

  • Make a statement with emerald-shaped wedding rings. These rings feature a striking rectangular cut that highlights the captivating green hue of emerald-cut diamonds or gemstones. The elegant proportions and regal beauty of emerald rings set them apart. Opt for intricate filigree or halo settings to enhance the allure of these stunning rings.

  • Oval Wedding Rings

  • Oval wedding rings are renowned for their timeless elegance and elongating effect. The elongated shape of oval rings creates a flattering look on the finger. They are suitable for traditional and contemporary styles, making them versatile. Add extra sparkle by pairing oval rings with pavé or side-stone accents, showcasing the beauty of your everlasting love.

  • Marquise Wedding Rings

  • If you desire a ring that stands out, consider marquise wedding rings. With their unique and eye-catching shape, marquise rings create a sense of drama and sophistication. The elongated shape of these rings gives the illusion of longer fingers, adding elegance and allure to your hand. Pair them with diamond or gemstone accents for a truly show-stopping look.

  • Square Wedding Rings

  • For a modern and geometric aesthetic, square wedding rings are a great option. Whether you choose a princess-cut or radiant-cut square ring, the clean lines and contemporary design make a bold statement. Add channel-set or pavé diamonds for a touch of sparkle and create a modern and fashionable symbol of your love.


As you embark on selecting the perfect wedding ring, remember that it’s a reflection of your unique love story. Explore the range of styles, shapes, and designs available in 2023 to find the ring that resonates with your style and symbolizes your eternal commitment.

Whether you choose a classic round ring, a vintage-inspired cushion or Asscher cut, or a modern square design, your wedding ring will be a cherished symbol of your love for years.  

Wedding Rings - FAQ

  • Can I customize my wedding ring to make it more personal?

    Absolutely. Customization options such as engraving special messages, incorporating birthstones, or designing a unique pattern will add a personal touch to your wedding ring.

  • What are the advantages of choosing natural diamonds for wedding rings?

    Natural diamonds are known for their rarity, enduring value, and timeless beauty, making them a traditional and luxurious choice for those seeking a lasting symbol of love.

  • Are lab-grown diamonds a good option for wedding rings?

    Yes, lab-grown diamonds offer the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds but at a more affordable price point and with reduced environmental impact.

  • What is moissanite, and why is it gaining popularity as an alternative to diamonds?

    Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone that resembles diamonds in appearance and durability, making it an affordable and ethical choice for couples.

  • How do I find the right ring size for my partner?

    Determining your partner's ring size can be done in a few ways. You can secretly borrow one of their existing rings to be measured by a jeweler, use a printable ring sizing guide available online, or consult with a jeweler who can assist you in finding the right size based on your partner's measurements.