Bringing the Gift of “Forever” Home for the Holidays

Want to make that special occasion truly shine? Looking for a timeless gift for someone special?

Jewelry has and always will be an eloquent answer to a variety of life celebrations. Most women are enamored with any type of jewelry, especially if that piece of jewelry is a gift for someone they love.

With the increasing demand for unique collections, Moissanite has been one of the hottest names in the business over the last several years. The exquisite and one-of-a-kind Venazia collection of Moissanite jewelry has superseded all expectations stemming from the colorless elegance of the Forever One Gem. Charles and Colvard were shooting for the ultimate compliment with this latest stone upon its development, as it is the ultimate, pure, white, and incredibly brilliant gemstone on the market today.

Combining the brilliance of Charles and Colvard’s gems with Venazia’s Haute Couture Jewelry, these masterpieces offer the shine of brilliance at an affordable price. Featuring the exceptional color and clarity of the new Forever One Moissanite Gem, Venazia employs the highest standards of prestige and quality in every creation. Using the unrivaled shine and rare beauty that is usually only exhibited in dreams, The Forever One Collection was born as a style that would lead us into the future.

Venazia is continuing to establish itself as the leader in the International Moissanite Haute-Couture jewelry industry. From the initial idea and design to the casting and setting, Venazia strives to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship through stringent attention to detail within every step of the process. Designing a piece of jewelry takes precise patience and a detail orientated plan, which includes extreme execution. Venazia’s Haute Couture Jewelry, elevated to unprecedented levels with the unveiling of  The Forever One Collection, is just another way to show exclusive collections that last a lifetime do exist.

Special occasions are very important to most people and deserve a symbolic gift.  Jewelry can have so many different meanings and is such an important part of our lives and our relationships. Giving the gift of unique jewelry is a magical moment and the importance of its preparation cannot be underestimated.

The ultimate proposal can only be illuminated by a timeless treasure such as an exquisite piece of jewelry. For example, the 1.05ctw Round Brilliant Engagement Ring offers a stunning sparkle that can be seen well beyond a microscope.  This is just one of the transition pieces offered in The Forever One Collection that will have your eyes opening wide.

As they remain in a class all by themselves, Venazia continues to raise their standards of greatness with every creation backed by “The Promise of Forever”. While every gem is strictly examined by the Gemological Institute of America Graduate Gemologists, Venazia carefully selects each piece for every creation. The luster and colorless brilliance of the Forever One gem to the signature style of Venazia Haute Couture, is on the cutting edge when it comes to style and quality. In a collection of jewelry and/or gemstones it is rare to find a flawless listing, in which each piece outperforms the next. This is one of those rare times where quality stands out above all the rest.

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