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Diamond Necklaces on Sale Around Fresno, CA

Are you currently shopping for the best deal on a diamond necklace? At Venazia, we have a wide collection of necklaces on sale right now that will for sure meet your needs.

Pear Halo Pendant V Riviera NecklacePear Halo Pendant V Riviera Necklace
Pear Halo Pendant V Riviera Necklace
(10.80 TCW)

Was starting at: $6,299.00

Now starting at: $5,669.10

10% off

Emerald Halo Pendant V Riviera NecklaceEmerald Halo Pendant V Riviera Necklace
Emerald Halo Pendant V Riviera Necklace
(10.11 TCW)

Was starting at: $6,099.00

Now starting at: $5,489.10

10% off

Intimate Round 4 Prongs Tennis NecklaceIntimate Round 4 Prongs Tennis Necklace
Intimate Round 4 Prongs Tennis Necklace
(7.01tcw – 13.49tcw)

Was starting at: $4,599.00

Now starting at: $4,139.10

10% off

Round Graduated Bezel Tennis NecklaceRound Graduated Bezel Tennis Necklace
Round Bezel Degrade Tennis Necklace
(3.08tcw – 5.01tcw)

Was starting at: $4,199.00

Now starting at: $3,779.10

10% off

Graduated Diamond and Chain Link
Round Graduated Chain Link Tennis Necklace
(3.99tcw – 5.98tcw)

Was starting at: $2,699.00

Now starting at: $2,429.10

10% off

Round Riviera Crown Tennis Necklace
Round Crown Degrade Tennis Necklace
(7.23tcw – 20.05tcw)

Was starting at: $5,999.00

Now starting at: $5,399.10

10% off

round-4-prongs-riviera-necklace-4-0mm-width-600l23m35Round 4 Prongs Riviera Necklace, 4.0mm Width - (15.84tcw - 23.76tcw)
Round 4 Prongs Riviera Necklace, 4.0mm Width
((15.84tcw – 23.76tcw))
Starting at $10,759.00
round-4-prongs-riviera-necklace-4-0mm-width-600l23m35_1Round 4 Prongs Riviera Necklace, 4.0mm Width - (15.84tcw - 23.76tcw)
Round 4 Prongs Riviera Necklace, 3.5mm Width
((14.04tcw – 21.60tcw))
Starting at $10,099.00
Round Bezel Necklace By The YardRound Bezel Necklace By The Yard
Round Bezel Tennis Necklace by The Yard
(1.00tcw – 10.00tcw)

Was starting at: $1,389.00

Now starting at: $1,250.10

10% off

4 Prongs Riviera Tennis Necklace4 Prongs Riviera Tennis Necklace
Round 4 Prongs Tennis Necklace
(14.04tcw – 39.50tcw)

Was starting at: $8,599.00

Now starting at: $7,739.10

10% off

Three Prong Riviera Tennis NecklaceThree Prong Riviera Tennis Necklace
Round Riviera Tennis Necklace
(8.82tcw – 18.72tcw)

Was starting at: $5,799.00

Now starting at: $5,219.10

10% off

4 Prongs Degrade Riviera Tennis Necklace4 Prongs Degrade Riviera Tennis Necklace
Round 4 Prongs Degrade Tennis Necklace

Was starting at: $6,899.00

Now starting at: $6,209.10

10% off

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Find out our diamond necklaces on sale around Fresno, CA

Earth diamonds being so expensive, going with lab-created diamonds is the brightest and the most trendy way to get the most value for your budget on a diamond necklace. Venazia is still the only retailer in the nation that provides both natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds at unbeatable prices.

Most of our diamond necklaces are in stock, either at our jewelry store or ready for next day delivery from our US head office.

Venazia has a team of experts available for a one-on-one complimentary consultation to assist you in choosing or even creating the best diamond necklace in Fresno, CA, based on your criteria and budget. They may also inform you of upcoming sales and offers that are not yet visible online.

Here is a useful guide describing all of the numerous different steps of the selection process for selecting the best diamond necklace.



Discover Our Fine Jewelry Collection In Fresno, CA

Custom Design Your Diamond Necklaces In No Time

If you can't find the exact necklace that you are looking for or you have an idea in mind, then custom design your diamond necklace is the way to go.
In virtually no time, our specialists in Fresno, CA will walk you through each stage of making your one-of-a-kind diamond necklace.

Sketches Custom Designs

Tips To Customize Your Diamond Necklace

The process of creating a custom design necklace in Fresno, CA is considerably easier than you might imagine. Please call us to discuss your design; we'll tell you what we'll need to make your project a reality.

Gather information and details about the custom necklace design:

  • Design a basic drawing of your idea.
  • Look for sketches elements on the internet.
  • Look for images that catch your eye and help to explain your desired style.
  • Post your design here, we will look at it and we get back to you with our feedback.

The more specific you can be with your ideas, the more likely you are to get exactly the design you want.

Ask our team of experts to help you

How to Obtain the Largest Discount on A Diamond Necklace In Fresno, CA in 2023?

Getting the most for your money on a necklace may be a difficult task, but with the right approach, it may be easier than you imagine.

Because of the high cost of mined diamond necklaces, lab-created diamonds have quickly become the first choice. These alternative diamonds provide an amazing blend of beauty, durability, and pricing, making them a fantastic deal for people on a budget. They have the same 4 C's characteristics (color, clarity, cut, carat) as natural diamonds. They are also cost-efficient, environmental-friendly, conflict-free, and ethically sourced.

This guide will show you with tips on how to get the most value for your money when shopping for a diamond necklace.

3 Steps to choosing a diamond necklace in Fresno, CA

The following steps will help you in designing your necklace in Fresno, CA:

  1. Choose your gemstone.

    • Mined Diamond
    • Lab-Grown Diamond
    • Lab-Created Diamond

    If you are still undecided about which stone to select, don't hesitate to contact one of our experts, he will guide you in making the right decision.

  2. Determine which style of necklace.

    Necklaces Style

    The design of the necklace you will choose depends primarily on your personal tastes. Keep in mind, however, that the 'Classic' necklace design is the most popular.
    You can also choose your diamond necklace from a variety of styles, such as:

    • Graduated necklace, 3 prongs
    • Graduated necklace, 4 prongs
    • Classic necklace, 3 prongs
    • Classic necklace, 4 prongs
    • Classic necklace, bezel setting
    • Necklace, by the yard
  3. Decide on the color and metal type.

    The two major types of metals used for a necklace are gold and platinum.
    The colors of gold for a necklace are white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The most popular choice for a necklace is white gold.
    The colors for a necklace in platinum is a natural white with a beautiful brilliance.
    The price gap between a platinum and a gold diamond necklace is mostly due to the metal's purity level.

    The platinum diamond necklace is normally $500 to $3000 more expensive than a gold diamond necklace since there is more pure platinum in it. In addition, it is 66% heavier than 14k gold.

How to purchase a diamond necklace in Fresno, CA?

To eliminate any mistakes while acquiring a necklace, you should set your own budget, choose the right seller, and pay a special attention to the return policies available.

  • The best diamond alternatives:

    Lab-created diamonds like moissanite, are considered the perfect alternative to a mined diamond, cost on average 90% less than diamonds of similar quality (see the 4C’s).
    If you can't afford your "desire necklace" right now, you should consider upgrading your necklace at the appropriate date. This is something your jeweler should be able to help you with.

  • Why is buying a necklace online a better option than shopping at a brick and mortar store in 2023?

    Save money without sacrificing quality: Traditional retailers face the costs of renting, staffing, and maintaining a storefront. Online retailers do not have to make the same markups and can pass the savings on to customers.
    A much larger choice of necklaces: Visiting several stores in person to look at a small selection of necklaces would be far longer than browsing hundreds of necklace styles online.
    Time-saving, 24/7 shopping: Customers can save a lot of time and money by purchasing a necklace online. There is no more worry anymore to go from one jeweler to the next without guarantee to find what you are expecting.

  • Virtual shopping experience:

    By setting a Zoom or Facetime meeting, you can shop virtually from the comfort of your own home or office at any time of day, buying the ideal necklace from a largest choice.
    You'll get your selection the next day. Depending on the merchant you choose, your purchase will be risk-free, shipping will be free, and it will be easy to send the item back.

  • Return policy

    Make sure the seller guarantees a risk-free purchase, certificates, free shipping and returns before making an online purchase.
    Click here to see What’s So Great About Getting Your Engagement Ring From Venazia?

  • How to choose the right seller around the Fresno area?

    Check the seller's reputation and reviews. Verify the authenticity of his certificate from the Gemologist Institutes (GIA, IGI, GRA), Charles & Colvard, or Venazia. You should also conduct some research on complaints (B.B.B; Better Business Bureau) and determine whether his reviews are genuine based on real customer experience.

The process of looking for the ideal diamond necklace may be stressful and delicate, however it may also be easier than you may think.
You're just a phone call away from learning everything you need to know about picking a diamond necklace.

Is Lab-Created Diamonds a Suitable Alternative for A Necklace?

If you are considering purchasing a necklace in Fresno, CA, you can rest assured that a moissanite necklace will be the perfect choice.
Learn the reasons why so many people prefer moissanite over earth diamonds for a necklace in 2023.

  • What is moissanite?

    Moissanite is a natural mineral known as silicon carbide, found in 1893 in a meteor crater in Arizona by Dr. Henry Moissan.
    Many years later, in a research laboratory, scientists have developed the innovative method to produce silicon carbide crystals that are so pure that they can rival any earthly gemstone.

    It's also significantly less expensive than natural diamonds of similar shapes and sizes, costing around 10% of the price. This is why moissanite is recognized as the leading of diamond alternative.

    Click here to get more information about moissanite.

  • How do lab-created diamond and earth diamonds compare?

    The primary distinction between earth diamonds and lab-created diamonds is how they shine. Lab-created diamond has a higher refractive index than natural diamond. Lab-created diamond has a refractive index of 2.65 compared to 2.42 for diamonds. This means it will give you more brightness than a mined diamond.

    You will find below a characteristic comparison table between mined diamond and lab-created diamond.

    Characteristics Diamond Lab Diamond
    Brilliance Refraction Index (RI) 2.42 2.65-2.69
    Fire Dispersion 0.044 0.104
    Hardness Mohs Scales 10 9.5
    Toughness Good to Excellent Excellent
  • Are moissanite necklaces bad taste?

    Moissanite necklaces are far from being tacky looking. Moissanite ranks 9.50 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (when mined diamond ranks 10), which means a moissanite necklace is incredibly durable and ideal for daily wear.

  • Do moissanite necklaces lose their glitter?

    Moissanite necklaces will not lose their sparkle as time passes. It is as strong as a natural diamond. That is why it is impossible for a diamond necklace to lose or change the color over time.

  • Do moissanite necklaces last lifetime?

    Moissanite is a gorgeous gemstone that is nearly as hard as a natural diamond. Lab-created diamond, just like natural diamond, will last for ever.

  • Do moissanite necklaces scratch easily?

    The MOH scale ranges from a 0 to a 10, with a 10 being the hardest mineral. Moissanite is measured at a 9.5 (in comparison, diamonds have a hardness of 10). This means that moissanite is very durable and extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion.

7 Majors pros and cons about lab-created diamond Diamond Necklace



  • Lab-Created diamonds sparkles more than natural diamonds. Lab-Created diamonds has an even higher refractive index than diamond (2.65 vs 2.42 for diamonds). This means it will give you more brightness than diamonds.
  • Lab-Created diamonds are comparable to natural diamonds in hardness. Lab-created diamond is the hardest stone after diamonds (9.5 vs 10 for natural diamonds). This indicates lab-created diamond is suitable for daily wear, does not break or scratch easily, and will maintain his sparkle.
  • lab-created diamond is a fraction of the price of mined diamonds at comparable color, cut, and clarity. Because it is so similar to earth diamonds, moissanite is the perfect diamond alternative without the mined diamond price tag.
  • Lab-Created diamond is an ethical choice compared to most earth diamonds. One of the most common reasons for consumers to choose moissanite diamonds over earth diamonds nowadays is to help in the fight against child labor and unethical diamond mining, as described by the International Labour Organization here.


  • Lab-created diamonds does not offer the same heirloom quality. When you own diamond jewelry, you are passing down something valuable as a heritage.
  • People may make comments thinking your diamond necklace is natural diamond Moissanite and natural diamond being virtually undifferentiable to the naked eye that people could make comments about the price and the size of your diamond necklace and you may feel uncomfortable about it.
  • Some old-fashion jewelers who may not feel comfortable working on your moissanite diamond necklace If at some point you need to have your lab-created diamond diamond necklace adjusted or cleaned, you may bump into an old-school jeweler that would turn you down because your piece is not a mined diamond. This is happening less and less though, since nowadays more and more jewelers are use to work with lab-created diamond.


Moissanite vs Diamond
Brilliance Refraction and Fire Dispersion

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