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The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner...
Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day Special

The year’s most romantic day is just around the corner.

Give your special someone the gift of sparkle.

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Emerald Engagement Rings in Portland, OR


Emerald Engagement Rings Portland, OR

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Discover our Emerald Engagement Rings in Portland, OR

Find the perfect emerald engagement ring in our selection of high quality designs.

What Type of Gemstone Should You Choose For Your Emerald Engagement Ring?


Discover our Engagement Rings Collection in Portland, OR

Accentuate the moment to treat the woman you love throughout these beautiful solitaire rings, halo rings, bridal rings and wedding bands collection.

How to Choose Your Emerald Engagement Ring in Portland, OR


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Jewelry Custom Design Located in Portland,OR

We design and create the most special and personal design with your own original piece of jewelry, a photograph or even a hand sketch.

Custom Design Draw




Custom Design Draw

Venazia Commitment

Discover the most extensive customer policy that you will find in the industry.

Venazia Commitment

[[S8_sentence_1]] We are committed work with you every step of the way.

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    • Easy Payment.​
    • Financing Option at as Low as 0% APR.​​
    • Lifetime Warranty on Gemstones​.
    • 1 Year Warranty on Jewelry​.
    • Matching Price Policy​.


Venazia, The 1st Nationwide Online Jeweler / Manufacturer​

Over 2 decades of experience creating custom fine jewelry made in United States.

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CAD Wax Presentation

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