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All you Need to Know About Side Stone Engagement Rings

What is a side stone engagement ring?

A side stone engagement ring is a ring featuring small stones on each side of the center stone. It brings sparkle and brilliance to the center stone.

Are side-stone engagement rings more expensive than solitaire rings?

Most of the time, side-stone engagement rings cost more than solitaire rings because they have more stones and a more complicated design.

How many side stones are on a side stone engagement ring?

Depending on the design, the number of side stones can vary, but most side-stone engagement rings have extra stones on half of the band.

What type of stones are used for side stones?

Side stones can be diamonds, lab diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of both.

What type of metal should I choose for my side stone engagement ring?

Popular metals for side stone engagement rings include platinum and white gold.

Can I customize my side stone engagement ring?

Yes, most side stone engagement rings can be customized with different stones, metals, and designs.

What is the difference between a halo and a side stone engagement?

A halo engagement ring has a center stone that is surrounded by smaller stones all around, whereas a side stone engagement ring has side stones on either side of the center stone.

Are side stone engagement rings durable?

Yes, side stone engagement rings are very durable and made to last.

How do I care for my side stone engagement ring?

You should regularly clean your side stone engagement ring with a soft cloth and warm water and steer clear of harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures to keep it looking its best.

Does the size of the side stones matter?

In accordance with the ring's design and the final appearance you desire, the size of the side stones can vary.