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All you need to know about fine jewelry

Fine jewelry is used for any jewelry that is made from precious metals like gold or platinum. Fine jewelry usually feature genuine gemstones like diamonds or alternative diamonds.

Fashion jewelry or also known as costume jewelry, is usually made with base metals and simulated stones.

Fine Jewelry is made with precious metals and genuine gemstones

When you buy a fine jewelry, we often see the price tag and question if it's worth it the cost.

Yes, fine jewelry is definitely worth it. Fine jewelry can be worn many times without the "rewear" issue.


Earrings are a very important accessory for women, because they highlight the beauty and the features of women.

The key to knowing how to choose earrings is to find the ones that complement your face. Because earrings are a fantastic way to enhance your appearance or to complete an outfit you must remember that they must always add balance and shape to your face.

Stud earrings: Solitaire or stud earrings are the most classic earring styles. They usually consist of a single gemstone or diamond held by a precious metal backing They are worn close to the ear and face-up showcase the color and sparkle of the center gemstone. These are the perfect earrings for daily wear, and depending on the size can be beautiful when worn on special occasions.

Halo earrings: Halo earrings are a stunning choice, and the perfect complement to a fancy or everyday look. Halo earrings typically contain a single gemstone that is surrounded by a circle of diamonds or another complementary gemstone. The halo adds an artistic design element and also accentuates the size of the center gemstone.

Hoops earrings: Hoops are another versatile earring style that flatter all types of face shapes. Hoops can also be created in a variety of sizes with all metals and gemstones. They can be complex or simple for everyday wear. The hoop style designates a metal and gemstone that come together and in a circular fashion move from the front of the ear towards the back, where the earrings are secured through the ear piercing.

Drop earrings: Drop earrings typically hang below the earlobe and can be secured in a variety of ways. They can also vary in length and shape. In its most classic variation the drop earring is simply a basket that holds the central gemstone and is secured with a lever backing.


A pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn around the neck.

A necklace is a piece of jewellery that goes around your neck, but a pendant is a small piece of jewellery that can be attached to a necklace chain or bracelet.


A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that contains small diamonds or gemstones connected by a thin, precious metal chain. As a piece of elegant jewelry, tennis bracelets are usually made of 14K or 18K gold, platinum.

In 1987, top American tennis player Chris Evert was playing at the US Open. Evert always wore a diamond bracelet on the tennis court. Journalists therefore often referred to her jewellery as a "tennis bracelet".

The nice thing about the tennis bracelet is that you can wear it everyday like your stud earrings. Some women even wear them 24/7 because they are comfortable.

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