My inspiration has always been the same; create sophisticated and luxurious designs to make sure Venazia customers will feel glamorous wearing their piece of jewelry for years to come.

A Jewel is the most valuable object you wear everyday. It is also a projection of who you are. A jewel symbolizes Beauty, Love, Friendship, Memories,… This is why Venazia takes every single detail into consideration to make sure you will wear and cherish your Venazia Haute Couture jewel with pride.

Our exclusive designs and innovative crafting techniques, combined with our devotion to perfection, results in timeless pieces of jewelry. Made in USA, we are not only very proud to offer a luxurious Moissanite collection, but mostly to know our customers have no other option but to wear the most brilliant fine jewel with pride.

We are very thankful to share and celebrate the best moments of your life.