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Oval Engagement Rings Around Branford, CT

All our moissanite designs are now available in natural diamond or lab-grown diamond upon request.

Custom Design your unique piece of jewelry at no extra cost. Find out more here.

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Are you considering buying an oval engagement ring? Venazia offers the widest range of engagement rings in Connecticut to choose from.

2.75 Ct Oval Halo Bridal Set Ringsoval-moissanite-halo-bridal-set-rings-121987wsov_1
from: $1,639.00$4,989.00
from: $1,579.00$4,789.00
from: $1,749.00$3,179.00
from: $1,579.00$2,779.00
from: $1,579.00$3,449.00
from: $1,879.00$4,049.00
from: $2,329.00$4,349.00
from: $2,479.00$4,499.00
from: $2,549.00$4,579.00
from: $1,729.00$2,699.00
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Find out our Oval Engagement Rings in Branford, CT

Find the ideal oval engagement ring in our selection of high quality designs.

Oval Engagement Rings Branford, CT

Venazia is the most famous brand in high-end jewelry in the United States. All our products are handcrafted in the US by the finest and most qualified jewelers.

Most of our oval engagement rings are available either at our Branford jewelry store or ready for next day delivery from our US main office.

Venazia has a team of specialists available for a one-on-one free consultation to help you with your decision based on your criteria.

The goal of this article is to cover the various steps in order to guide you make the smartest selection.

Explore Our Engagement Rings Collection Per Shape In Branford, CT