The Lovely Gem

Forever One™ colorless moissanite is here, and as we’ve shared, this amazing stone has already made its way into some truly breathtaking jewelry designs. The team from Venazia™ Haute-Couture has integrated the lovely gem into their signature styles and have fallen in love with its purity and sparkle. Below, they share their love for this beautiful gemstone.

Venazia™ Haute-Couture is thrilled to have the new Forever One™ Moissanite stone to set into their new designs. Forever One™, the latest grade of moissanite to be sold by Charles & Colvard®, is the ultimate pure, white, and incredibly brilliant gemstone.  This colorless gem is indeed the best fine gemstone on the market today.  The luster and colorless brilliance of the Forever One™ stone brings new flair to the signature style of Venazia™ Haute-Couture. These masterpieces combine the brilliance of Forever One™ with Venazia’s skillful craftsmanship to create a fusion of science and style.

The Lucy by Venazia wedding set, now available with a Forever One™ center stone.

The Choice of Passion

All Venazia creations are made in the USA, held to the highest standards of sophistication, and executed with the highest possible expertise. As explained by head designer Nathalie Betito, “With the Forever One™ gem now set in our exclusive designs, we want to say to women that they no longer have to dream about when the day will come, because the day has come.” The purchase of an engagement ring or a gemstone in general often comes with the sacrifice of choosing between the size, quality, and cost of the stone. However, with Venazia’s Forever One™ Moissanite pieces, the spouse-to-be can have it all.  Nathalie Betito describes it as “a luxury that is affordable.” Nathalie’s inspiration has always been the same: to create sophisticated and luxurious designs that will make Venazia’s customers feel glamorous for years to come.  A piece of fine jewelry set with that special gemstone is the most valuable object you wear every day.  It is also a projection of who you are.  Your jewelry symbolizes beauty, love, friendship, memories, and more. This is why Venazia takes every single detail into consideration when crafting their incredible pieces.

The Venazia slogan: “Life is too short to just dream about it…”

A New Avenue for Royalty

The Art Deco inspiration behind Venazia creates a unique ambiance that attracts admiration and allure with an aura only the finest hand-crafting can create. As the Venazia slogan says, “Life is too short to just dream about it…” The new Forever One™ gem dazzles with a pure white sparkle and shines with the incredible brilliance jewelry lovers have come to expect. Make Venazia™ Haute-Couture a part of your personal jewelry collection and enjoy its lasting beauty today and forever.

The popular Britta ring by Venazia is now available with Forever One™.