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Halo Diamond Earrings

Halo Diamond Earrings

Every pair of our halo earrings collection are handcrafted. Find which style are best for you in our selection because some things you just shouldn’t skimp on. 

All our moissanite designs are now available in natural diamond or lab-grown diamond upon request.

Custom Design your unique piece of jewelry at no extra cost. Find out more here.

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All you Need to Know About Halo Earrings

Halo Stud Earrings

- What are Halo Earrings?

Halo earrings are earrings that feature a central gemstone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones, usually diamonds, lab diamonds or other precious gems.




- What are the Benefits of Wearing Halo Earrings?

Halo earrings are popular because they are very versatile and flattering. The multiple stones create an eye-catching look that works with many different types of outfits. They also draw attention to the face, making them great for special occasions.




- What Types of Gemstone Can be Used in Halo Earrings?

Popular gemstones used in halo earrings include diamonds, lab diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.




- How Do I Care for My Halo Earrings?

To keep your halo earrings looking their best, be sure to store them separately from other jewelry and protect them from scratches, dust and moisture. Clean the stones and metal with a soft, lint-free cloth.




- What Types of Halo Earrings are Available?

Halo earrings come in many different styles, including studs, drops, hoops and jackets.






- What is the Difference Between a Solitaire and a Halo Earring?

A solitaire earring features a single gemstone, while a halo earring features a central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones.






- What is the Best Way to Clean Halo Earrings?

The best way to clean halo earrings is with a soft, lint-free cloth. Gently wipe the stones and metal to remove dirt and oils. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.






- What Kind of Outfit Should I Wear with Halo Earrings?

Halo earrings are a great way to dress up any look! They look great with formal wear such as dresses and gowns, but also work with casual looks like jeans and a T-shirt.




- How Do I Know What Size Halo Earrings I Should Wear?

Consider the size of your face when selecting halo earrings. Smaller faces may look best with smaller halo earrings, while larger faces may look better with larger halo earrings.




- What is the Difference Between a Halo Earring and a Bezel Setting?

A halo earring features a single central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones, while a bezel setting features a single stone set in a circular bezel of metal.