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Our inspiration has always been the same; create sophisticated and luxurious engagement rings to make sure Venazia customers will feel glamorous wearing their piece of jewelry for years to come. An engagement ring is the most valuable object you wear everyday. It is also a projection of who you are. An engagement ring symbolizes Beauty, Love, Friendship, Memories,… This is why Venazia takes every single detail into consideration to make sure you will wear and cherish your Venazia Haute Couture engagement ring with pride.

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Engagement Rings

- Top 10 Engagement Rings

Our Top 10 Engagement Rings consist of unique, high end designer styles, inspired by the latest trends 2023 in the European jewelry fashions. Designed to shine bright and above all other options, our most best sellers engagement rings symbolize the finest designs.



- Top 10 Solitaire Rings

Discover the ultimate classic Top 10 solitaire engagement rings. Find the perfect solitaire 2023 ring for your special someone. We do offer a large variety of shape and gemstones to create your engagement ring.



- Top 10 Halo Engagement Rings

These amazing top 10 halo engagement rings are the most popular trends in 2023. Surrounded by a row of sparkling small gemstones it will add the fire and brilliance you will love to wear forever.



- Top 10 Three Stone Engagement Rings

Classic and romantic, these top 10 three stone engagement rings features an elegant side profile. Beautifully striking, these low profile three stone rings are crafted with an interwoven design to hold your chosen side stones and center stone.



- Top 10 Side Stone Engagement Rings

Immaculate Top 10 Side Stone engagement rings, showcasing French pavé-set that complement your choice of center stone. Delicate and beautiful, our best sellers side stone engagement rings features a half circle of sparkling micro pave band



- Top 6 Bridal Set Rings

These stylish top 6 bridal sets rings sparkles with pavé running along the gentle curve of its lovely band. These most popular bridal sets 2023 exudes timeless romance as a round gemstone sits atop its pave design only to reveal a demure trio of the gemstone.



- Top 10 Wedding Bands 2023

These breathtaking Top 10 Wedding Bands are ideal for adding a high-quality and luxurious design that would forever represent one of your life’s biggest decisions.



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Engagement Rings Custom Design

Custom Design Draw

We design and create the most special and unique engagement ring with your own original piece of jewelry, a photograph or even a hand sketch.

With our team of accredited expert designers, Venazia give you the option to come up with your own custom engagement ring design.

We use the most advanced CAD software as well as the latest in 3D printing technology. We are confident that you will love the finished product you are expecting.

FAQs Engagement Rings

How to Find The Best Engagement Ring ?

Read our education guide to help you identify the common mistakes to avoid when buying an engagement ring.

    • Set a Budget.
    • Discover Her Style.
    • Select the Style of The Engagement Ring.
    • Select The Metal Type.
    • Identify Her Ring Size.
    • Select The Featured Gemstones.
    • Have a Carat Size in Mind.
    • Look For Certificate of Authenticity.
    • Look For Financing Options Available.

Solitaire: The most classic and traditional engagement ring. Featuring one center stone on a simple band to optimize the sparkle, brilliance and fire of your ring.

Pavé: The gemstones on the band are set as close as possible for a no metal appearance and give an effect of a solid gemstone surface.

Halo: The center stone is surrounded by small gemstones. It accentuate the sparkle and give an effect of a larger center stone.

Three stone: Symbolize your past, present and future together. The center stone, usually larger, is set higher than the side gemstones to give more depth to the engagement ring.

Bezel Rings: The gemstone is anchored with a metal border. This is most secure setting with an active lifestyle.

Channel Setting: Small gemstones embedded along the band to accentuate the sparkle and brilliance of the center gemstone.

How Much Should I Spend For an Engagement Ring ?

The popular rule suggest you should spend two to three months’ salary on your ring but it will only depend on what you can afford. It is entirely up to you and your fiancée.

If you are on a budget you should consider lab grown diamonds or moissanite, the perfect diamond alternative who gives you access to the most beautiful engagement rings at a fraction at the cost of a diamond.

What Are Diamond Engagement Rings Alternative ?

Diamonds can be both expensive and difficult to shop for. Before you buy a diamond engagement ring, you need to look for the four Cs of the diamond you are looking for: carat, color, clarity, and cut because these properties will determine the price and quality of the diamond engagement ring. Fortunately, due to technology and other naturally occurring gemstones, there are significantly less expensive alternatives that can rival, if not surpass, the properties of a diamond.

The first and best diamond alternative is moissanite which is meant to look just like a diamond. Without extensive training, you cannot tell the difference between a natural diamond and moissanite. Read More

What Are The Price of Diamond Engagement Rings Alternative ?

 Lab ground diamond is created in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form within the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. On average, a lab grown diamond engagement ring costs 2 times less than a diamond of similar size and quality.

Moissanite gemstone are both synthetic, and lab-created diamond. The molecular structure is the same that is found in a diamond.
On average, a moissanite engagement ring costs 90% less than a diamond of similar size and quality. Read More

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