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Custom Design Service

You can’t find what you are looking for?...not a problem, you are in the right place!

Why and when you should consider custom design?

Custom Jewelry Design

  • You’ve got a design in your mind, but haven’t found it anywhere.
  • You already own a piece of jewelry and you wish to make into a complete and matching set.
  • You own a loose diamond or gemstone and wish to create a unique design for it.
  • You need a wedding band or anniversary ring to perfectly complement an engagement ring.


How has Venazia established a name for itself in custom design jewelry?

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Custom design jewelry is definitely our specialty, and we have built our reputation on it. Every day, we have both, new and returning customers, requesting to custom design new jewelry pieces.

What makes Venazia the most trusted name for custom design jewelry?

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Over the years, we have realized thousands of custom design ideas for our customers.
As a result, we have gained more experience than any of our competitors making us the most trusted name for high-end custom design jewelry. Today, we probably have the most extensive knowledge and competency in the industry when it comes to create your own unique jewelry piece.

Why Venazia doesn’t charge extra cost for custom design?

At Venazia, we have streamlined the custom design process like no other. By doing so, we were able to drastically lower the production cost and we are now passing those savings along to our clients.
We have developed a set of proprietary technologies using always the most advanced tools available in the jewelry world allowing us to deliver the exact match of your idea.
Thanks to our proprietary technology and high-level team of expert jeweler, we are able to realize your idea in virtually no extra time and at no extra cost compare to a production style.


What are the steps of the custom design process?

You may have seen a jewelry piece somewhere or on someone, or you have a specific idea in mind then custom design it is the way to go. Here is the breakdown of the process

Custom Design Sketches

5 Steps to custom design
  1. Contact us with your idea.
  2. Get the opinion and advise of one of our designer experts.
  3. Get a quote on the spot.
  4. Once agreed, you will receive a CAD rendering of your project within 1 business day subject to revision until approval.
  5. After your final approval, we will immediately start the production of your very own jewelry piece.
    In most cases, you will receive it within the next 5 business days.


What is the Venazia Custom Design Service Commitment?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Certified highest gemstones quality grade
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • 1 year custom jewelry guarantee
  • Lifetime gemstone guarantee
  • Best price guarantee
  • Get your custom design in less than 7 days

Request Form

Fill up our short request form with pictures of your dream jewelry piece.
A representative from our custom design department will be contacting you in less than one hour .
You can always reach out to us by phone, text, or chat, for immediate assistance.