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What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles And Settings?

The setting you will select for your engagement ring is crucial. It’s the most important selection you will make because it will influence the type of gemstone you will need to purchase.


The prong setting is the most frequent type of engagement ring setting, with thin metal prongs that secure the diamond at the girdle. Each prong is tapered and angled to match the border facets of the stone. The prong setting elevates the stone above the ring, allowing light to enter and exit the diamond from all angles for maximum brilliance, fire, and sparkle.


A pavé setting is a form of bead setting in which two or more stones share a common bead. The pavé setting gives the illusion that the surface is paved with closely spaced diamonds. This popular setting is ideal for those who want to add a little sparkle to their style.


The stones are set within two parallel metal walls inside the band in the channel setting. Channel-set engagement rings are appreciated for their continuous flow of light and are both durable and stunning.

Round Tension Solitaire Ring

The tension setting gives the appearance that the stone is floating in mid-air. Light can enter and leave the gemstone since the sides are open and the seat is high, giving it a magnificent brilliance.


A metal border surrounds the stone in the bezel setting, protecting the edges. The crown, or top, of the stone is exposed exclusively in bezel-set engagement rings, which have a flat surface. For customers wishing for a low-set engagement ring, the bezel setting is a good choice.


The cathedral setting gives an engagement ring more height and beauty. The ring's shank bends upwards to reflect the cathedral's towering, elegant arches, raising the center stone above the band.

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